Closes mortgages

Closed mortgages generally have prepayment options of up to 20% of the original mortgage amount. If you decide to pay out, renegotiate or refinance before the end of the term of a closed mortgage, prepayment costs will be applied.

Open mortgages

An open mortgage can be repaid at any time throughout the term, either in full or partially without paying a prepayment charge. Provides flexibility until you are ready to lock into a closed term.

Convertible mortgages

A convertible mortgage is similar to a closed mortgage, but gives you the option of converting to a longer, closed mortgage at any time without paying a prepayment charge. With this option you can generally make an annual prepayment up to 10% of the original mortgage amount.

What is a high-ratio mortgages?

A high-ratio mortgage refers to a mortgage in which the borrower has a down payment between 5% – 20%. These mortgages require mortgage default insurance.

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The Canadian government supports high levels of homeownership through an insurance plan that covers lenders in the event that borrowers of insured mortgages default on their mortgage.